Participant Information

The first part of the form helps collect basic data about the attendee: contact information, job title, emergency numbers, etc.
Hotel and Airline Information

Following Participant Information, the website collects data that will help confirm the arrangements made for the attendee at the event: Is the attendee bringing a guest?
Does the attendee need a hotel room? What are the attendee's preferences for airline reservations?
Special Requests and Disclaimer Button

If the event includes recreational activities or breakout sessions to choose from, or even
a selection of restaurants for a dine-around, those choices can be listed in the Online Registration form for the attendee to read descriptions and confirm his/her preferences ahead of time.
Detailed Information

Buttons accessible on the left-hand side of the form (and recognizable by customized icons) can give the attendee access to (a) detailed information about the event, (b) a complete agenda, (c) a link to the hotel website, (d) descriptions of all activities, breakouts, and/or restaurants offered during the event, etc.

Example: Event Agenda Link

This link can take the attendee to an online agenda that can be updated as the event date approaches.