Prior to Attendee Arrival
  • Confirmation of shipment arrivals
  • Review of meeting space and office setup
  • Coordination of equipment (furniture, phones, Internet lines, audio/visual, etc.)
  • Pre-convention meeting with hotel managers and key team players
  • Management of final on-site review of detailed event program
  • Final meeting with any on-site vendor hired for event
  • Final check of hotel rooming list
  • Final review of scheduled airport transfers
  • Review of meal function guarantees with hotel, based on final attendee numbers
Project Manager’s On-Site Responsibilities
  • Management of on-site Client and Attendee requirements
  • Final setup of meeting rooms and signage
  • Distribution of welcome letters and packages to all attendees
  • Distribution of name badges and tent cards at event functions
  • Continuous control of audio/visual services
  • Thorough daily review of all food and beverage functions
  • Management of dietary requirements
  • Updates of attendee flight changes that impact rooms, meals and transfers
  • Interface with hotel staff to ensure changes and additions
  • Coordination of all VIP requirements
  • Delivery of in-room gifts and departure notices
  • Distribution of hotel staff gratuities approved by Client Program Manager
  • Removal of Client material from hotel
  • Post-meeting shipping
  • Final meeting with hotel accounting department to review preliminary charges