World Meetings Plus began offering Conference Registration services 15 years ago, after serving Clients in meeting planning for more than 10 years. Understanding the complex details and intricacies of the meeting planning business is essential to offering accurate, cost-effective Conference Registration services. Years of experience in managing hotel contracts, cut-off dates, rooming lists, room blocks, meal function guarantees, attendee lists, travel manifests, on-site transportation, and many other logistical elements of any given event, have given WM+ the essential knowledge to customize and develop an efficient, secure Web-based registration system.

WM+ customizes its online registration system to meet the specific requirements of our Clients’ programs and audiences, enabling Client branding and usage of event logos.
WM+ has developed its own secure online databases and Web-based solutions to manage all facets of conference registrations, including attendee contact information, hotel rooming lists, travel manifests, event breakout sessions, one-on-one executive meetings, recreational activities, collection of credit card fees (if applicable), etc. These tools give WM+ the ability to produce timely, detailed reports and to adapt them to any Client need.

WM+ provides comprehensive monitoring of all components of an event registration program. We can also provide the services listed below on an “à la carte” basis, depending on the event and the in-house resources of a particular Client.
  • Processing of registrations received through Client or customized Web site
  • Codification by attendee type (customer, presenter, guest, exhibitor, etc.)
  • Toll-free conference registration hotline
  • Management of registration fees based on attendee type
  • Client reporting of registration fees
  • E-mail confirmation of all attendee information and conference details
  • E-mail confirmation of attendee payment receipts, when applicable
  • Hotel room reservations by attendee need (non-smoking, bed size, etc.)
  • Management of hotel room blocks and rooming list cut-off dates
  • Complete database management and backup
  • Management of rooming lists with weekly updates of changes and cancellations
  • Management of signups for breakout sessions or activities
  • Design and production of name badges, tent cards and table assignment cards
  • Staffing of on-site registration desks throughout entire event